ATN Corp at Shot Show 2015

Shot Show 2015 was an incredible melting pot of all manner of gun tech, just as it is every single year. ATN Corp had one of the most popular Shot Show booths this year, complete with a display of a variety of brand new innovative scopes and optics, a visit from a celebrity, and plenty more. ATN’s shot show display was huge, with lots of demonstrations, HD TVs showing off new optical technologies, item specification, and tutorials, the new Smart HD Optics line on display, and some fabulous models helping show all of these great new optics off.

On the Shot Show 2015 ATN brought one of its best binoculars today – the BinoX model of digital binoculars, a long awaited product that features some of the most advanced features ever put on binoculars. Running on an advanced microprocessor, they combine Quality optics which can zoom up to 16x thanks to high quality digital zoom technology, with ATNs proven night vision, video recording, picture taking, GPS geo-tagging, a compass, an altitude sensor, an accelerometer, a Wifi adapter, a gyroscope, and ATN’s brand new Obsidian User interface which allows easy access to all of these features.

Also in the category of thermal imaging optics emphasis was put on ATN’s Tico series of clip on scopes. These scopes are attached the forward rail of the gun, allowing you to make your gun a night vision gun simply by clipping the scope on, no re-zeroing or adjusting necessary, as it uses your primary day time scope for accuracy. In addition, the Tico series is thermal night vision, which has several main advantages over night vision, such as being able to see through smoke and fog, and using heat for light, instead of ambient light.

The Shot Show comes on the heels of a number of related ATN achievements. ATN received the 2014 “OpticsPlanet Experts choice” award, as well as the “Predator Xtreme Readers’ Choice” award. In addition, ATN was named the exclusive supplier of night vision equipment for the 2014-2015 season of Predator Nation, starring Fred Eichler. Fred Eichler made an appearance at Shot Show, meeting fans and signing autographs at the ATN booth.

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