Latest acquisitions and strategies for submarine defense and SSG by Pakistan Navy

The Pakistani Navy gains its strength from four major divisions which are continuously upgraded and enhanced for protection against enemy attacks and terrorism. They are broadly classified as Surface Warriors, Naval Air Arm, Submarine Force and SSG(N) OR Special Service Group (Navy). Surface Warriors and the Naval Air Arm have always been its main commanding forces protecting the country and keeping it safe from all kinds of threats. To quote as an example four F-22 P frigates are under the process of being manufactured from which three will be manufactured in China and the last one will take the shape of reality in Pakistan Naval Dockyard, Karachi.  However, the recent times have seen a lot of welcoming changes in the submarine defense system and SSG (N) also in order to match its mettle against the world’s naval forces.

Pakistan Navy – Latest on Submarine Force

The Pakistan Navy has a separate submarine force which is responsible for the offensive attacks at the enemy from a long range. This squadron came into existence in the year 1964 when United States offered Pakistan Navy to acquire PNS/ M Ghazi.  The Pakistani Navy defense system has never looked back since then and has been quite taken up with technological and scientific acquisitions.

Submarine Hamza has been a latest addition in the fleet of submarines owned by Pakistan Navy and is claimed to have state of the art infrastructure. The submarine is laced with all possible technological advancements and is one of the most developed and sophisticated submarines in the world. If we take a careful look at the geographical location of Pakistan, then the Pakistan Navy seems definitely in a position to fulfill all maritime and naval obligations and is well prepared to defend the territorial waters of the country

Following the latest reports and updates, there is hot talk about the inclusion of nuclear powered submarines in the Pakistan Navy to enhance and upgrade the security level of the waters in the country. The media reports also claim that the plan would surface with the first Nuclear Powered submarine becoming operational in a time of five to eight years. There are rumors that the disclosure of such high level information can also be a calculated leak by the Pakistan Navy so that its word reaches India. The Indian Navy has itself recently acquired Nuclear Powered submarine from Russia and has also recently upgraded their own Arihant Class SSBN. Hence Pakistan Navy’s moves can be understood as a signal towards India to let them know that the Pakistan Navy is closely keeping tabs and updating itself as a strong measure of protection.

It is to be noted that Pakistan already has a functional submarine launch variant of the Babur Cruise Missile which has close resemblance to the US BGM 109 Tomahawk which crashed in Pakistan during the attack on Afghanistan in the year 1998. The Babur Cruise missile is known to have drawn latest technology from Tomahawk which can also be armed with nuclear missiles and weaponry. Also, Pakistan is known to now have building its own SSN/ SSGN flotilla as a way of preparing itself from India and deterring their efforts along with maintaining a strategic balance in the whole of South Asia.

SSG (N) of Pakistan Navy

The post 1965 war analysis of Pakistan realized the need of a special service Group to be included in the Navy that can take charge of covert offensive operations in enemy waters. Handpicked volunteers were selected who were given training on the lines of British Special Boat Squadron, British Special Air Services an US Navy Seals. Today PNS Iqbal is the headquarter of the commander SSG (N). The maintenance of all sea transport and VBSS Boats are the responsibility of SSG (N) at PNS Iqbal. It also incorporates the SEAL team and the Anti Terrorism teams whose main responsibility lies in planning offensive tactics in enemy waters and protect the country against terrorist attack coming from water fronts. For this, the SSG (N) keeps updating its troops, and weaponry on a regular basis trying to imbibe latest technology in their systems for better protection and detection of threats. The training and medical set up of SSG (N) is also located at their headquarters PNS Iqbal which is home to hundreds of Naval servants.