Types of artillery ammunition

Artillery ammunition has developed through the years for the purpose of dealing with different types of situations. While this is the case, there is basic artillery information that is largely used in the battlefield and it is ideal to have an idea of the same. This is especially true for individuals who are interested in the field.  High explosive round comes at the top of this list. This type of ammunition is designed to burst when it comes into contact with the ground or when a time fuse detonates it. It is separated into sharp shards which are razor sharp and they have the ability of cutting through anything they come into contact with. The shards are extremely sharp and they can leave severe cuts when they come into contact with the skin. In addition to this, they are used within a killing radius if 50 meters. When they get propelled from a projectile that is exploding, they can be devastating. They are extremely useful for what is commonly referred to as soft target by the military.

Illumination round is used for the purpose of lighting the battlefield at night and it bursts in altitudes that are predetermined. This type of artillery ammunition ejects a magnesium lighted flare which floats through the ground. It is effective because it brightens up an area at night. However, this type of artillery ammunition is not used regularly because of night vision technology. Additionally, it can be used during the day for the purpose of marking target areas for troops and pilots for the purpose of knowing where the enemy is situated.

The smoke round is another type of artillery ammunition that has proved to be effective. Smoke is used for the purpose of concealing movement and making the enemy blind to your advancement. This makes it easy to have more control and command. Currently, Improved Conventional Munitions (ICM) is the preferred choice and this is because they do away with the possibility of the smoke rounds backfiring on you. ICM rounds comprise of small bomblet and each has a shaped charge capable of blowing through a vehicle that is lightly armored.

FASCAM, also known as Field Artillery Scatterable Mines is the latest artillery ammunition and has the ability of causing major damage when used.